Public Safety is NOT a Game

The Keep California Safe mission is to promote public awareness regarding Assembly Bill 109, better known as California Realignment, which was a law meant to ease overcrowding in California's prisons but is causing the same problem at jails on the local level. Keep California Safe is made up of local, state and federal law enforcement associations in California that represent the interests of rank-and-file peace officers who oppose AB 109. Sign up for updates below. Join the fight to overturn California Realignment and Keep California Safe!

Police say realignment may be one cause of crime spike (Video)

There's been a huge spike in home burglaries and other property crimes all around the Bay Area.


State report on prison realignment slammed by critics (Video)

State prison officials say a study on the early impacts of so-called prison realignment show positive results.


LA County ground zero for prison realignment

Officer Craig Suzuki takes information from a young gang member. In an example of some of the miscommunications that can happen with between departments with the new prison realignment system...


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